Joe Scheideler and Associates, hung up on me! Lied who I was speaking with!

Livingston, New Jersey 0 comments

Back in 2008 I was going through a family custody case.I had hired a lawyer in his office that was going to court with me.

I also hired Joe and had to pay him 1000$ to be in court with me for about 10min. I was fighting for my daughter. He had NO interest in helping me the entire time and was so rude through out the whole process. He did zero wonders for me in court.

He didn't ask the right questions and honestly could of cared less.

Need less to say I lost my case.I called him back this month 2012 to get the files I needed.He pretented to be someone else on the phone than became himself because of his utter rudeness, and wouldn't help me at all, than said deal with it, and hung up on me!

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